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Targeted Adult Website Traffic FAQs - Internet Marketing Services

Do you offer traffic for other niches?

Absolutely.  We can drive traffic to almost any type of website.  No websites promoting anything illegal or breaking any laws.  If you want to know about non-adult traffic, send us an email by using the contact form or send us a message on Facebook.

What kind of traffic am I going to receive? Is your traffic safe to use with Adsense?

All visitors sent are 100% real.  You will never receive traffic from BOTs, proxies, datacenters or any other kind of fake hits.  People may see your page more than once, but your order will only be unique visitors.  The traffic will be Direct (without referrer) in order to ensure the maximum level of compatibility with our advertising partners.

What kind of links can i promote and which ones are not allowed?

Almost any kind of website is allowed.  Nothing illegal is allowed.  We do not accept, linkbucks, or similar type of sites.  We do not accept YouTube videos.  Any kind of page or link containing or spreading mmalware is not allowed.

Is this traffic safe for my website? Will it get penalized from Google or any other entity?

We have never had any problems with Google.  Our domains and partners are monitored to keep them safe and clean from risks.   

What are the visitors going to see? Will they interact with my page?

Visitors will be free to browse your website without limitation.  No frames or any other annoying banners are displayed.  Conversions, sales, or leads may be possible but they are not guaranteed  

How can I track the visitors? Do you provide any proof?

Once traffic begins, we'll email you a shortener link where you can track the traffic to your site.  You can also track the visits from Google Analytics or from your domain's tracking system.

What information do you need in order to get started?

All we need is the website link where you want adult related traffic sent to.  If your email address in the paypal transaction is not your current email address where we should send you the tracking link to, please put that in a note when placing order.

How will I know when my traffic will start and end?

We will schedule your traffic campaign within 24-48 hours of receiving an order.  If we need anything clarified regarding your site, we will email you before starting the campaign.  Once it begins, we will email you your tracking link and put the end date of when the traffic will finish.  It will last for 30 days.

Can I request traffic from specific countries?

Yes, you may.  Although we can not guarantee all traffic will come from a specific country or part of the world, we can do our best to target certain countries and parts of the world.  Some countries are easier to target than others.  If you have questions about targeting certain countries, contact us before placing your order.